When Tatreez and Vintage Timepieces Collide

Our Chicago pop-up shop with The Kismet Reserve was a vintage tatreez dream! Let's take a walk through the most memorable details of this event..

The Long Line!

where the majority of guests waited for two hours. Some of you were even there a whole hour before doors opened! Your dedication, support, and love meant so much.

The Set Up

that took us four hours to complete the morning of. We had a vision we wanted you all to experience that collided the worlds of historical tatreez, vintage timepieces, and community-building. We brought out all the dark woods and deep reds for this event, and we're happy you were able to experience it!

The Photo Walls

that highlighted Palestinian women wearing thobes from different time periods.

The Thobes

in presence that were sourced from Palestinian families from Ramallah and Al-Khalil. The particular dress photographed here is around 50-years-old from near Al-Dawaymeh, Al-Khalil.

The Display

that consisted of samples from our shop. This included our Beginner and Advanced Tatreez Kits, Saya Fabric Pouches, Wooden Chests, and more!

Check Them All Out Here

The Thobe Needle Minder

that had to make its appearance!

Grab One For Yourself

The Badan Frame

with our vision for the future world of tatreez.

The Doors Opening

promptly at 11:00 AM!

The Try-Ons

where customers got to try on some items from our online shop.

The Shopping Experience

where we were able to interact 1:1 with you all and meet in-person.

More Shopping!

The Sticker Freebies

that each person who stopped by our storefront took with them.

The Zaatar Favors

that each customer walked away with, filled with some Zataar (spice) from the homeland.

The Letter Writing

that each person left us, along with a polaroid photo, on their way out. These were so sentimental. We are going to cherish them forever!

Thank you

for the continued love and support of our work! It is because of you that we are able to do our work to preserve the tradition of tatreez and help it thrive.


Bayan and the Badan Collective team

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