Host a Tatreez Workshop!

Practicing the tradition of tatreez is a collective effort. At Badan, we strive to teach as many students in the diaspora as possible. By hosting a workshop in your home or community, you aid us in this effort and help keep this tradition thriving for generations to come. To request a workshop, scroll down and fill out the form.

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  • Heifa

    "I value preserving our heritage, and learning traditional embroidery (tatreez) with Bayan’s guidance was truly special. I never thought I could do it but she made it easy to understand and feel confident with her patience and tips!“

  • Aseal

    "Despite being Palestinian, I did not know the historical and cultural significance behind tatreez. I am deeply grateful that Badan gave me an opportunity to connect more deeply to my roots and culture. When I first started the class, I truly did not think I could do tatreez. However, with Bayan's patience and supports, I am walking away ready and excited to start my own tatreez projects."

  • Firdaus

    “I never considered tatreez something I would be capable of doing but this workshop taught me I absolutely can do this. I feel so honored to carry on this traditional technique by teaching my own young daughters this skill!”

  • Nadia

    “I can’t rave about the workshop enough. Bayan is gentle and thoughtful with the work that she does, and she is very encouraging throughout the process. I am not Palestinian, yet I have always had a deep respect and admiration for the culture and I was honored to have hands-on experience doing tatreez. I highly recommend this workshop to ANYONE that wants to learn more about Palestinian tatreez.”

  • Fidaa

    "I think it’s important to our liberation cause to understand and celebrate our culture, especially work traditionally seen as women’s work—embroidery, food, and folklore are brilliant examples. This is how we keep our people from being erased as we strive for liberation."

  • Mariam

    "I absolutely loved meeting everyone today! Especially Bayan. MashAllah she is beautiful inside and out. She has so much knowledge about tatreez! I learned things I never knew! The classes are affordable, she’s so helpful during the tutorials and when we are practicing it by ourselves! The slide shows are amazing!!!!! MashAllah! May Allah swt bless her and her family for creating such a beautiful organization! I can’t wait to see her again! I enjoy taking these classes so much with her!"