• 1) At Badan, we believe it's important to tap into the community element of tatreez. No one person was meant to learn or stitch alone. Our aim is to recreate the building blocks of a village where tatreez is no longer an individual task, but a collective one. We intend to build tatreez ecosystems similar to the ones our elders participated in pre-1948. This village will be full with enough seamstresses, stitchers, and resources where tatreez is learned, stitched, and discussed within community.

  • 2) This village is a safe space for Palestinians and allies to gather and work utilizing our bodies (badans) to heal what speech cannot. We will stitch with the intention that we are healing generational trauma through tatreez practices and offer communal support to one another as we do so.

  • 3) We encourage seasoned stitchers and beginners to join us to learn the construction of a thobe. We will be offering guidance by our instructor, Bayan Fares, as well as in-person community support so stitchers not only start their thobes but finish, wear, and cherish them for generations to come.

Welcome to the collective effort to keeping the tradition of tatreez thriving.

To participate in The Badan Village, fill out the form below. Once submitted, you will immediately be redirected to our Whatsapp group where you can join. We'll see you inside!

  • Attend In-Person

    Our gatherings will take place in-person primarily across the Chicagoland area with meetings planned in other states as well. If you are not local to Chicago, you are more than welcome to join us!

  • Join a Whatsapp Group

    This will be our main mode of communication and also where we will announce exact locations and addresses for meetings. It is also a space to share current tatreez projects, meet other stitchers, and ask questions!

  • Support Local Pro-Palestine Shops and Organizations

    We will support and be considerate of the multiple pro-Palestine shops, organizations, and spaces that host our gatherings.

  • Contribute to Safety and Healing

    The Badan Village is a safe space for all individuals from all walks of life. It is also a space where healing and grounding excercises may occur, or where personal stories and history may be shared. Our community will uphold kindness, common courtesy, and privacy for one another in-person, online, and beyond.

  • Be Intentional With Tatreez

    We will all (Palestinians and non-Palestinians) be intentional with how we approach the art of tatreez as it relates to its history, origins, and the Palestinian cause. We will advocate for Palestinian liberation through practicing this art.

  • Share Helpful Resources

    We may share tatreez resources in this group including books, helpful links, classes, events happening in local communities, local Palestinian businesses to support, or websites to purchase tatreez supplies from. We will not promote products for sale, irrelevant events to tatreez or Palestine, or self-promote without consent from the group admin.